Sit back, relax and let Strelam Apparel inspire you.


Strong body, strong mind, strong character. All three require a strong/tough look. This line of jackets gives you a more tough, biker image while keeping the elegance and classy appearance. Build up your confidence and show the world your true potential.


The item that never goes out of trend is the leather jacket. Like the little black dress, it is a must have for everyone. With this line, Strelam gives an everyday casual and trendy look while still standing out in the crowd. Being unique is not just a choice, but a privilege.


For a long time, leather jackets were mainly associated with greasers, bikers or musical subcultures such as punks and goths. Strelam shows you a different way to look at this fashion item, for instance, making it a part of your proffesional attire. With the right combination, the leather jacket becomes a piece which perfectly complements an elegant outfit achieving a classy and bold look.