What if there is a way to make a statement without making a sound?

An idea that had arisen less than a year ago. At this point Strelam Apparel was only a schoolproject, but look at us now. A simple brainstorming session put the start to something memorable. Firstly, we introduced our idea to a person that makes a masterpiece out of every fabric. After hearing the idea, she was intrigued, but not fully convinced. Therefore, we needed to stand behind our brand and provide stronger arguments to why we believe in it. We knew that building a brand and a business is impossible without a proper funding. So, we introduced the idea to a professional that gave us advice regarding the direction we should follow. After presenting our business plan and future idea, she became our initial investor. She was one of the first people to help us achieve our dreams and establish Strelam Apparel.

What followed was continuous improvement of ideas, products and mindset. And after almost a year there it was. Strelam was officially registered as a company. This moment turned an idea into a real opportunity. As an officially established company we began working on how to present our brand to you.

We wanted to make sure that our message is clear and the best way to execute that is by giving you a visual representation of what is coming. We got in contact with a highly skilled photographer who gathered a talented team to make our first official photoshoot possible.

And here we are now. We are ready for our official launch on 4th of February. We walked a long way and we believe that it is time.

Sit back, relax and let Strelam Apparel inspire you.